What We Do

We architect and create software tools that allow institutions to make sense of massive amounts of data, structured or otherwise. We solve the deep engineering challenges, unlock patterns and help them find ways to solve human ones. We help clients make sense of data and transform complexity into simplicity. They ask our technologies questions, they get answers in the language they understand.

Milonics Analytics drives a triple helix of People, Data and Technology which ensures a Peaceful Commerce and a Meaningful Planet. We do that through Big Data Analytics and Cybersecurity Practice.


  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Build controls to prevent system abuse, waste and fraud. From regulatory duties to managing pensions, from eliminating ghost workers to stopping tax frauds, Milonics provides the tools to help institutions make sense of data patterns in the most complex environment. Our technology unlocks the hidden trails to prevent waste, abuse and fraud.
  • BUSINESS INSIGHTS – We build indispensable and usable analytics tools that help companies make business decisions. They get better insights and take advantages of opportunities as they evolve. Our technology humanizes data and unlocks knowledge that drives strategy, growth and overall business intelligence.
  • CYBER – Understand your cyber risks and develop strategies to harden the weakest links. Milonics identifies the weak points and helps to fix problems so that you can work online securely and effectively. Stay ahead of the ever evolving cyber threats with our tools.