Case Study – Milonics Citizen

Milonics Citizen – An Integrated Campaign Tool for Nigeria

Milonics Citizen is an integrated data platform that sources and tracks voters for a political campaign in Nigeria. It provides a web app interface that is hardware agnostic which enables it to run in any mobile device or computer. From its Dashborad, campaign managers and strategists can visualize the state of the campaigns and quantitatively monitor the impacts of its campaign messaging to voters. It has a social media plugin that aggregates data to deliver targeted and localized campaign messages to voters. For example, a teacher could get information on education while a farmer receives updates on agricultural policy even when they are living in the same house. Through a partner, Milonics Citizen has access to millions of non-person identifiable GSM phone numbers of Nigerians sorted in local government areas that can help drive messaging, get out the votes (GOTV), and campaign events.  And most importantly, remind people to vote on the Election Day. Major modules include Social Blaster (pull data from social media), CitizenMatcher (associates people to influence voting patterns), and SMS Places (blast targeted SMS messages).


Major Benefits:

  • Mission-oriented platform with secure and intuitive architecture core to win an election for the candidate
  • Allow volunteers at polling places to update the camp’s database of voters in real time as people cast their ballots. This will help the campaign deploy resources more efficiently and wring every last vote by knowing those that have not voted.
  • A data-driven tool to discover voters which can be targeted and persuaded to vote for the candidate
  • Technology has three core modules – Field, Analytics and Digital – and unifies the voter file, various field offices, the analytics people, the website, and mobile elements.
  • Targeted and efficient communication via email, SMS and other methods to voters
  • Empower field workers with tools that provide on-demand political intelligence. In real-time, gives state’s offices information on volunteer activities – number of voters persuaded, their locations and feedbacks
  • CtizenMatcher: Outreach opt-in Facebook plugin that target and can send direct messages like, “Your friend, Uche in Minna, hasn’t voted yet. Go tell him to vote.” It has an SMS version also.
  • A tool that engages voters with measurable metrics and manages volunteers from the Campaign Headquarters.

Key Features:

  • It will be hosted with redundancy built to mitigate failures from heavy traffic, DoS or cyber attacks. The goal is a stable and robust stable technical infrastructure
  • Two development teams directed and supervised by Ndubuisi Ekekwe in Nigeria and U.S.
  • Digital data science architecture for the campaign, plus a web interface for volunteers and staff to execute an integrated nationwide campaign
  • Unifies data about voters, canvassers, event-goers, and phone-bankers, with advanced voter targeting features
  • Offers plugins for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
  • Deploys SMS messaging more intelligently and magnifies the message of the candidate online and meatspace
  • Hyper-accurate supporter targeting. We can on Election Day know those that have voted and also contact those that have not.