Industries & Solutions

Milonics solutions are used across industries to help institutions solve today’s operational and business problems so that they can capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. With a robust and adaptable core technology, we find applications in banking, legal, healthcare, law enforcement, research, defense agencies, regulations, government agencies, among others. Find below some solutions for government, finance, law enforcement, etc. Bring the challenge to us; we’ll do the math.

  • Financial Services – Our tool will help you in business growth, marketing, regulation and compliance. We provide insights on customers and markets and help you track patterns that can help in fraud prevention. You will know your customers and that insight will help you serve them better.
  • Pension and Insurance Services – Fraud happens and there are many dead pensioners. Our technology detects pension fraud and prevent insurance fraud.
  • Governments/Agencies/Commissions – Our technology will solve the fraud cases phased by federal and state governments with ghost workers and reconciliations. During emergencies, our analytics can help provide better intelligence. With analytics, federal and state workers working in rural areas on health issues can see better patterns when all the disparate data are collated and processed.
  • Security Threats / Law Enforcement – Our tools identify and predict where security vulnerabilities can occur and help fix them. By picking data across different platforms including social media and news website, we provide law enforcement the tools they need to efficiently and effectively deliver their services.
  • Agriculture – we help farmers make sense of data from their farms
  • Other Areas – Please contact us on telecom VAS, commodity forecasting, farming, transportation etc and learn how analytics can help your business.