Cybersecurity Practice

As internet penetration continues to advance in Africa, so are the perils that come with the increased degree of digital connectivity – cyber crime. However, most organizations lack both proper security plans and trained in-house staff to counter or quickly recover from cyber attacks.

Also, in warfare, the game has gone beyond bullets and ammunitions. Nations wage cyber warfare where they work hard to steal digital assets and secrets of other countries. The 21st century will be a century of cyber warfare. Governments must be prepared.

The challenges faced by state institutions are also similar to the ones that utilities and energy companies face. There are global threats that power lines, water systems, electrical grids and more can be shutdown through espionage and warfare. Milonics helps organizations develop robust roadmaps to mitigate these existential threats.


Milonics domain expertise is applicable to a wide range of industries. We help organizations quickly implement solutions to the hardest problems they face. These areas include law firms, banks, hospitals, law enforcement and defense agencies, regulators and enterprises of all stripes. We will help protect and maximize their intelligence and other core assets.

Cybersecurity Services

1. Live memory forensics: The forensic preservation and analysis of live memory on systems to identify suspicious or malicious actively running programs
2. Malware forensics: The forensic collection and analysis of malicious software (malware) to understand its purpose and capabilities, a process that often speeds up an investigative effort
3. Network forensics: The collection and analysis of live and historical network traffic, as well as network monitoring logs to identify suspicious or malicious network-based activity
4. Expert Witness Testimony: Coordinate with both domestic and international law enforcement as appropriate and provide expert personnel to provide expert witness testimony as required.
5. Up-to-Date Threat intelligence: Serve as the operational focal point for up-to-date threat information sharing.
6. Penetration Testing: Cybersecurity audit on your infrastructure for advanced persistant security threats.
7. Cybersecurity Consulting: Advisory services on cybersecurity strategy and policy in organizations (private and public)

Cybersecurity Consulting

Milonics Analytics cybersecurity consulting practice provides IT security consulting services and solutions. We offer a full range of cybersecurity services and enterprise IT security consulting and implementation on both a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis. Areas we cover include:

– Cybersecurity roadmap and strategy for organizations
– Cybersecurity operations management
– Cybersecurity policy and operational procedure development
– Cybersecurity engineering and architecture design
– Network security testing and evaluation
– Computer security incident response
– Vulnerability analysis
– Malicious code analysis
– Forensics
– Security risk assessment
– Security assessment and authorization (A&A) compliance
– Cybersecurity testing and evaluation, including penetration testing
– Vulnerability and risk assessment
– Cybersecurity policy and plan development/review
– Configuration management, design and remediation
– Malicious code review

Throughout every consulting project, we share our best practices and corporate knowledge. In this way, we transfer our expertise to our customers, providing you with a level set and the ability to confidently monitor, manage, and improve your risk posture on an ongoing basis.